CargoLabs Team

Jake Spradling

CoFounder & CEO

Full Stack Developer, Blockchain Expert, & Sales Professional

John Hernandez

CoFounder & CBO

Former truck driver, dispatcher, warehouse worker, & broker

Alex Jensen

Finance & Business Dev

Statistician, Data Analyst, & financial professional

Connor Finnerty

Sales & Marketing

Strong background in videography, film design, content based marketing ad campaigns to drive web-app adoption of new products, data analytics background, & sales professional

Jack Hamilton

Blockchain Dev

Background in C++, game development, and blockchain smart contract platforms.  Jack is focused on building and integrating our Smart Contract Processing System--Détente--with both CrediBoL & TrackPort

Drake Leonard

Sales & Marketing

Masters in Commerce (MS) from the University of Virginia 2018, 2 years at PNC rising to lead the PNC Corporate Strategy Group; Switched careers to StartUp SaaS Sales in Feb. '20 where he trippled lead gen. for 6 person team after first month

Jay Chapel


Founder & CEO of ParkMyCloud (PMC was acquired by Turbonomic in 2019), a platform designed to significantly reduce enterprise cloud compute & storage waste, saving clients millions.  PMC automatically throtles cloud resource consumption to meet the demands of real time traffic.  Prior to PMC, he earned his MBA w/ financial concentration, ran a $100MM+ / yr. matrix sales organization at IBM, specifically driving worldwide sales & strategy for Tivoli Distributed Service Management software

Paul Nystrom


Led the Operations Management team at Bird Dog Logistics; built the firms Fresh Operations division from the ground up; launched 24hr coverage for the +200 refrigerated delivery loads Bird Dog filled each week; Designed and implemented procedures for acquiring arrival/progress updates from carriers to notify customers of any overnight complications 1st thing in AM; From Bird Dog he went on to build DSG Logistics's 1st refrigerated brokerage division also from the ground up

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