FinTech for Truckers


The 1st visibility platform catering to both drivers and brokerages rather than just the brokerage

Competing platforms like MacroPoint have made millions exploiting the data of truckers bullied into giving it away for free

With TrackPort, drivers can choose whether or not to share full-visibility data with the supply chain

And when carriers do agree to share data with us, we return the favor by sharing our data sale profits with drivers


Exactly like your old BoL, only better

Free for All

Open Source

Blockchain Secured

Digital BoL linked to Physical Paper

Check-out our GitHub to learn more and find out what you can do to help us make the digital supply chain of tomorrow a reality today

Payment Processing

Smart Send is our industry leading detention settlement platform capable of automatically releasing trucker compensation the instant drivers leave the dock

Thanks to our revolutionary mobile app—TrackPort—the few predetory shippers & recievers still exploiting domestic truckers are finally held accountable for the $1.1B they avoid paying drivers each year

When fully operational, Smart Send will even further improve upon the groundwork laid with TrackPort by slashing detention pay wait times from 1 month -> 1 second

TrackPort for iOS 

Helping Drivers accross the USA since 2019

TrackPort for Brokerages

TrackPort's industry leading detention pay platfrom is also a fully functional visibility tool for the brokerage

Today TrackPort is capable of pushing instant trucker arrival & departure email notifications the moment drivers arrive & leave the dock

TrackPort now supports up-to-the-minute full visibilty through our online brokerage dashboard

We pay for every byte we collect

Smart Send—Coming Soon

Smart Send is our payment processing system built atop the world's most powerful blockchain platform—EOSIO—capable of processing +6M transactions / second

How many hours per week are you made to wait in detention?

Have you ever wondered how much those hours could earn you over an entire year?

Find out below by first entering the # of hours you typically spend in detention each week & then Clicking the "Estimate my annual detention pay!" button to calculate how much more you could be making each year if there was just an easier way to get paid


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