FinTech for Truckers

1st & Only Track-&-Pay Platform

The 1st Track-and-Trace Solution built to Pay Long-Haul Truckers Cash. TrackPort Incentivizes Real-Time Load Data Production for Upstream Data Buyers by paying its Network of TrackPort Drivers CargoCash for Each Real Time Update Produced.

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Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform (RTTVP) paying drivers cash to produce data for TrackPort customers upstream (3PLs).

1-min. geolocation update frequency.

TrackPort Console connected InstAlert email notification server.

TrackPort pays drivers per InstAlert email notification triggered during TrackPort customer loads.


Digitizing Supply Chain Paperwork.


Open Source.

Blockchain Secured.

QR Code Links Paper Copy.

Ricardian Contract Translation.

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Financially empowering drivers with simple, clean, & lightweight digital cash management solutions.

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Access CargoCash USD Accounts via:

  1. The CargoCash Console web-app.
  2. The TrackPort Driver mobile app.

Example CargoCash Transfer Events:

TrackPort Driver Cash Bonuses.

USD Contract Settlements.

Detention Recovery.

Cash Forwards.


TrackPort for Truckers

TrackPort Driver

TrackPort pays drivers to produce real-time geolocation updates for participating TrackPort Console customers.

TrackPort Driver Pay Card

An Active TrackPort Driver Earns ~$600 / Year

Version 1.0 launched to the iOS App Store in Dec. 2019.

In Oct. 2020, TrackPort launched support for Android.

Both versions of the TrackPort Driver app are available as free downloads today from the links above & below.

TrackPort Driver Screenshots

TrackPort for 3PLs

TrackPort Console

CargoLabs pays her network of TrackPort Drivers to run the mobile geolocation tracking app, TrackPort Driver.

Real-time TrackPort Driver generated updates are accessible to TrackPort Console customer accounts via:

  1. The Browser: TrackPort Console web-app
  2. TrackPort Console Registered Inbox: InstAlert Notification Emails

Customizable Driver GeoFence regions trigger real-time driver location InstAlert email notifications.

View: InstAlert GeoFencing

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Digital Cash for Supply Chain

CargoCash Console

Free digital Cash application for drivers.

Drivers login & manage digital USD balances earned by running TrackPort Driver for TrackPort Console 3PL customers

  1. The Browser: CargoCash Console web-app
  2. CargoCash also connects to the TrackPort Driver mobile app on both iOS & Android !

How many hours per week are you kept waiting in detention?

Have you ever wondered how much those hours could earn you over an entire year?

Find out below in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter the # of hours you typically spend in detention each week.
  2. Click the "Estimate Detention!" button.
  3. CargoLabs instantly displays your annual detention estimate.


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